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Business Law


You Can Trust Us with Your Business Needs.

At Snyder & Ek, S.C., we have helped countless business owners in purchasing or starting their own business and in managing and growing those businesses in a safe and efficient manner. When the time is right, we can help with selling or transferring the business to your family or employees or a third party. We understand the challenges business owners face and we believe in partnering with our clients to provide safe and effective solutions.

Business Transactions We Handle

Organization of LLC's, Corporations and Partnerships

Shareholder Member and Partner Agreements

Mergers & Acquisitions

Sales & Recapitalizations


Commercial Transactions

Owner Estate Planning

Nonprofit Corporation Setup & Assistance

Employment Issues

General Business Consultation

Business Litigation

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Our goal is to help our clients through the life cycle of their business. Often, this means we are there when the business was organized or purchased and we are there when the client decides to retire, whether a multi-step process or a single event. We can help at all of these stages of your business life. Our knowledge of estate planning and real estate matters allows us to take the owners’ personal needs into the equation when advising the business.