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Family Law


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At Snyder & Ek, S.C., we understand the emotional toll divorce, child custody, and other family law matters can take. Snyder & Ek, S.C., is dedicated to helping you find solutions that are right for your unique set of circumstances. Whether you need a divorce, separation or help with custody matters, we will be here to help you every step of the way.

Family Law Areas We Handle

Divorce, Legal Separation, & Annulment

There are many issues that can arise in a single divorce, legal separation, or annulment action. We assist clients from initiating the action through the completion of the process. This includes assistance with issues such as property and asset division, child custody and placement, child support, spousal maintenance (sometimes called alimony). Throughout the entire process, we will advocate for your unique interests.


Maintenance, or sometimes referred to as Alimony, is based off of many statutory factors. Some factors the court may consider when establishing the amount and duration of maintenance are the length of the marriage, the earning capacities of the parties, age, health, educational background and more. This is an area where courts have broad discretion. Because this is an area where courts have broad discretion, it is important to analyze claims for, or against, maintenance carefully and with an attorney.

Premarital Agreements

In addition to our family law practice, we draft Premarital Property Agreements. These agreements can be an effective tool for estate planning, as well as a tool to uniquely design and structure how you and a future spouse will avail yourself to the Marital Property Laws of the State of Wisconsin.

Child Custody & Placement

Child custody involves the rights to make major decisions in your minor child’s life. Physical placement refers to who the minor child lives with and on what days. In both cases, the Court’s look to the child’s best interest. We strive to guide you through these matters and assist you in reaching your family’s expressed goals.


Paternity cases typically arise when parents are unmarried at the time a child is born. We are here to assist from the initial stages of determining paternity to questions regarding child support and child custody and placement.

Child Support

In Wisconsin, the Department of Children and Families establishes guidelines for child support. These guidelines consider placement time and income available for support of a minor child.

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